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Christmas Reflections 2023 with Adam Wilson

❄🎅☃Today is the turn of the big man himself... no not Santa Clause but the boss man himself, Adam. Time to reflect on this year's favourite project he's worked on, it's a beauty☃🎅❄

What is the name of your favourite project to work on this year?

The Green, Yaxley

The biggest challenge with that project?

The really tight site and dealing with three listed buildings surrounding the site, all within a conservation area, all whilst trying to overcome negative pre-app responses from a previous Architect's scheme.

What is the most rewarding/favourite part of it?

A really high-quality submission through working with various other consultants in a proactive way.

If you could choose, what project would you like Santa to bring you to work on next year?

Another one of these!

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