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Christmas reflections with the team at Wilson Architects 2023!! Matt Padley

🎅❄️☃️Now we have officially opened the first doors of our advent calendars and had a good covering of snow in the Midlands❄️, we feel we can finally mention the 'C' word🎄. Here at Wilson Architects, we love CHRISTMAS🎅 and with only three weeks to go, we always reflect on the exciting projects we’ve worked on as a team throughout the year! This year we thought it’d be great for each of us to share a bit about our favourite projects, so keep an eye out to see if your project is on the nice list!☃️❄️🎅

To start us off here's Matt’s!

Thank you to @elgiegroup for letting us be involved in this project and can’t wait to see it come to life on site!

Name of your favourite project to work on this year?

Hall Farm Barns

The biggest challenge with that project?

Designing a contemporary barn conversion, within the curtilage of a Grade II listed building, using Class Q principles. It also had a very short design period - 3 weeks from concept to planning submission!

The most rewarding/favourite part of the project?

Working on this type of project and getting to test out some visualisation/presentation techniques using Revit.

If you could choose, what project would you like Santa to bring you to work on next year?

A large-scale, new build scheme - either an urban infill or a standalone site - from the concept stage onwards.

What do you think?

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