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Gresham's School Inquire to Inspire

On behalf of Wilson Architects, we would like to say a huge sincere thank you to Gresham’s prep school for inviting us to come along and present to a group of very bright year 5-8 pupils. Gresham’s are inspiring young minds with their Inquire 2 Inspire program, which we were very kindly asked to come and share our knowledge and experience of what an Architect does and how they are involved in projects. We had an absolutely fantastic evening and feel very privileged to be part of the programme. We were met with some truly fantastic pupils and questions who were both thoroughly engaging and had a fantastic understanding of Architecture and the tools we use, (we even had a brilliant question about the Victorian window tax – wow)!

Toward the end of the talk we had an overwhelming show of hands for some aspiring Architects in the future to come, so very much look forward to seeing them and wishing them all of the very best for the future.

A huge thank you to Head of Teaching and Learning Mr Lloyd Stephenson for arranging the evening and also Head Mrs Cathy Braithwaite for inviting us into her school and allowing us to present and meet some impeccable pupils.

Below is an article written by Gresham’s found on their news section of the website, check it out on the link below

"Inspire to Inquire programme hears from Wilson Architects"

As part of the Prep School’s Inquire 2 Inspire program, and the school’s commitment to developing STEAM subjects, we were fortunate to welcome Adam and Heidi Wilson, directors of Wilson Architects, last week.

Adam founded Wilson Architects in 2018 and shared his journey with our pupils in Years 5-8 with a focus on the time, commitment and academic aspects of becoming a chartered architect. Throughout the engaging talk, the pupils learned about some of the more exciting projects Adam has worked on, including football stadia and St John’s College, University of Cambridge. However, Adam was keen to share the message that architects not only focused on aesthetic design, but environmental issues, constraints, planning permission for listed buildings, the flow of people and the history of buildings.

To demonstrate this, Adam discussed a recent project he has led step-by-step – from assessing a derelict Georgian warehouse site, and its history, to becoming state-of-art student accommodation. The pupils had access to the various models, drawings and plans that had been produced.

As ever, our pupils listened carefully, asked pertinent questions, and started to make links to previous talks on structural and civil engineering. Needless to say, we thank Adam and Heidi for their time and many of pupils left super inspired to explore their options within architecture and other STEAM subjects and careers.

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