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⭐️Wilson Architects are Developers as well! ⭐️

Did you know we have experience in developing sites ourselves?

This puts us in a unique position where we know the options and strategies that could maximise a site to get the best VALUE possible. We design with value in mind - Our designs aim to get the best out of a site or building that is most valuable (and that doesn’t always mean squeezing as much into a site as possible!)

Case Study:

Conversion of a taxi office into a 6-bedroom HMO in an Article 4 area Our involvement: Architect and Developer Purchase price: £137,500 (August 2019) Cost of works: £60,000 GDV: £300,000 (January 2020)

A site that had been on the market for over two years with no interest from local developers, we agreed on an option with the vendor subject to planning to convert into a six-bedroom student HMO, despite the high level of HMO’s in the area. We knew that the area had a high demand for students, yet the supply is controlled by the Article 4 direction in place to prevent additional dwellings being converted. Wilson Architects did our job successfully and achieved planning permission, leading to a healthy profit on an otherwise derelict building.

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