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Wilson Architects on Tour - A day out at the track & arcade

Tuesday 5th April 2022

Here at Wilson Architects, our philosophy is to work hard and play hard! And boy do we have a competitive team!

The team have been working super hard over the last 3 months, which meant both Adam and myself felt like the team deserved a well-earned treat day!

We settled on an afternoon Go-Karting at Gridline in Lincoln, where we really saw the true competitiveness of these guys, there was trash talk, dirty tactics, strategy planning of the track the night before, the whole lot! All before the helmets even went on!

Out on the track it consisted of skidding, t-boning, bumping, cutting up, and so much laughing! We had an absolutely great time letting our hair down and showing off some crazy driving skills - saved only for the track I'm assured!

As you can see we had some great times and some budding petrol heads! And some not so great times. Think I'll stick to the day job!

After all the fun on the track, we decided to follow it down with some food and drink at Carousel Lincoln, where we tucked into cocktails, burgers, pizzas and chips.

Feeling refuelled, we then went on to play some interactive darts, where it was safe to say, it was obvious none of us were brought up in a pub. At least we were all on a level playing field.

After a few rounds of darts bingo, battleships and accumulators, we ventured to the top floor for arcade mania, where everyone's inner child was released!

We sunk many basketballs, air hockey pucks and absolutely smashed the table football like pros!

All in all, we had a great day out as a team, we worked hard, played hard, ate hard then were asleep by 8pm!

We cannot thank our amazing team enough for their dedication, hard work, and sheer determination. We couldn't ask for a better group of people to share our everyday with!

Until the next away day!!

Written by Heidi @Wilson Architects

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