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Feasibility Toolkit

Are you looking for help with your due diligence before committing to a project, and need guidance to fully understand the opportunities and risks of a site? 

We offer the services below which help you before you take on the risk.

Chart analysis

Project Health Check

Not sure whether to pursue a site? We do an initial feasibility to help you through your due diligence.


For the projects you want a little bit more information on before committing to a full service.


We carry out a desktop site check and provide:


- Proposed sketch to illustrate an indicative design


- Current planning use

- Site planning history

- Key planning constraints:

          * Conservation Areas

          * Flood risk

          * Listed buildings

          * On-site Tree Preservation Orders

          * Public Footpaths / Rights of Way

          * Key regulations/guidance specific to your project


- Physical site/building constraints such as:

          * Impact of surroundings

          * Railway lines

          * Possibility of contamination

          * Services availability

          * Nearest public amenities

Business Meeting

Project Consultation

Looking for a more in-depth, face to face consultation where we can help on multiple sites?


Book in for a consultation where we can analyse your site(s) together and see how to maximise its potential.

You'll receive:

- 1 hour video call 

- Planning strategy advice

- Detailed review of key site constraints

- Design ideas and examples from our past experience

- Initial sketch sent to you post meeting of your proposals

Why not split the cost and book as a group?

We can have up to four people on a call!

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