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Christmas Reflections 2023 with Jordan Pegg

❄🎅☃Today is the turn of Jordan to reflect on this year's favourite project he's worked on, it's a special & exciting one for WA☃🎅❄

The name of your favourite project to work on this year?

Monk Street

The biggest challenge with that project?

Designing an interesting, yet pragmatic piece of architecture, which also responds to a contextually dichotomous site. A great challenge was found through the project when attempting to weave in the thread of the area's rich industrial past.

The most rewarding/favourite part of it?

The most rewarding part of the project is knowing that this will be the first of its kind within Wilson Architects; A long-term vision for the company, which will evolve into something really quite exciting - watch this space!

If you could choose, what project would you like Santa to bring you to work on next year?

If Santa is feeling generous he would bring either a Paragraph 80 House or a Treehouse!

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