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Christmas reflections 2023 with Zac Skeates

Today is the turn of Zac to reflect on this year's favourite project he's worked on, check it out.

The name of your favourite project to work on this year?

151-185 Markfield - Bespoke one-off house.

The biggest challenge with that project?

The proposal had to blend innovative design seamlessly with its context, whilst also future-proofing for the mobility needs of the residents and offering a firm commitment to environmental sustainability.

The most rewarding/favourite part of it?

The design process - informed by the site, the design was set to be both an addition and formed from its environment. The clients were thrilled with the design. This is always rewarding when a design exceeds the expectations of the client.

If you could choose, what project would you like Santa to bring you to work on next year?

Small housing developments that have interesting and challenging sites.

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