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Ground-breaking ceremony at Victoria Street, Newark

Did you spot some familiar faces in the Newark Advertiser over the weekend?

Adam, Sophie and Rhonwen attended the fantastic ground-breaking ceremony at Victoria Street, Newark hosted by Jinny Yang at JYD group.

The beautiful commercial buildings were mainly erected between the late 1880s and the inter-war period to be used as wool warehouses. Within our initial analysis, we spoke to a local gentleman who told us that the warehouse was very well known all around the area, and that majority of his friends had mothers or family members that worked here. Everyone knew someone who was associated with the buildings, cementing their vital contributions and notoriety to Newark’s rich historical background.

The site sits within a whole host of residential houses on either side and all around it, so developing it to coincide with this will continue to bring professional communities into the area and help Newark’s business sector continue to thrive. The design provides a good mix of different-sized accommodations to meet different price points and requirements for the residents.

A key constraint throughout the planning was to retain as much of the original fabric of the building as possible. A key feature on the main elevation shows some beautiful large steel windows that are being restored and upgraded for modern living whilst retaining the building's wonderful character. Keeping the living spaces open and spacious with tall ceiling heights further embraces the character of the building inside as well as out, making it a unique development with lots of appeal.

There were some tight timeframes to work to on this project, but to be in a position where we have designed a scheme, gained planning permission, developed a working tender package, and mobilised ready for the contractor to start in just 10 months, is a real testament to the strengths and strategy of the whole team.

Thank you for letting us be part of your fabulous day Ginny!

To see the whole article, click the link below:

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