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⭐️The Wilson Architects Story ⭐️ Part 2!

Continuing our journey, 2020 saw us take another step forward with Jamie joining the team. Very quickly the spare bedroom was too small for us and so our searches for offices began! In January, we presented our business plan to a panel of judges, proving we had a viable business and were accepted as a tenant at Sparkhouse.

As quickly as we got the keys, lockdown hit, and in April we had to adapt quickly to the new way of working. Fortunately, we adapted and brought in some great workarounds to stay busy:

we learned to guide clients through surveying their own properties we posted flyers to bring in extension work we expanded our reach into other cities

We continued to develop our back of house systems, introduced more templates, and focused on our marketing through videos and other media. 2020 was the year we were hungry to grow and saw the opportunities within a really difficult time.

We completed 170 projects that year!

2021 took a great leap forward by being recognised as the Lincolnshire Startup Business of the Year! Our small projects became large projects, with some exciting residential schemes in student accommodation and apartments coming through, giving us the confidence to expand the team further with Zac in March and Rhon in July.

We started using (and never looked back!), we changed accountants (thank you James Sewell and Wright Vigar), we managed our workload better and prioritised our long-standing clients and those who valued us most. We did more social events and became a strong team unit, with a varied set of skills that make us unique as a practice to work with.

We had refined our process, and 2022 was coming to taking another giant leap forward by focusing on structure and more team involvement. Look out for next week where we introduce our team to you all!

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